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Going into almost 1 year with my man....and he still will not let me GO THROUGH HIS PHONE. Um, this bothers me. He has shown me his phone, but I can't straight up just pick up his phone and go through it. He tells me it's his 'personal space' and he feels like I'm checking up on him. Um, is this a red flag?

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I don't go through my husbands phone. He has not given me a reason to suspect anything.
Like I've picked it up and logged on his camera looked at our kids pics in his gallery but thats it... I don't be checking his emails/text/social media

You don’t need to go through his phone. You’re not married to him and you don’t pay his bill. Someone needs to tell him that she’s the red flag

But why feel the need to go through his phone?! If you don’t trust him just say so, no need to invade his personal space.

Ok coming from a married woman for 12 years now.
Hunny it’s a
When anyone has nothing to hide they won’t care but also if you have to check is also a red flag .
But not all are the same some have space issues like him, he dnt want you up in it, it can be both good or bad. Idk the fellow
Hear me out, what does your gut say? Always listen to it not your heart or head your gut

More like a red flag for him! Lol cell phone trust issues still after a year...

Red flag!!!!! If he doesn’t want you to go through it then he is doing so thing he’s not supposed to.

Denise Mendoza
U are the red flag

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