Listener Wrote -
Am I WRONG for not wanting to wear my mom's wedding dress? I'm getting married and my MOM wants me to wear the wedding dress she wore when she got married. BUT, here's the deal, it's the dress she wore when she married my Stepdad, not my father.. I love them both, but my dad's gong to be at the wedding and I don't feel comfortable wearing it. I don't want to hurt my mom's feelings, but I don't' want to wear it. Suggestions?


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Kelly -

You don't want to hurt your mom's feelings. What about your Stepdad's feelings? You should think about him as well. Just sayin.


Why don't you ask how your father feels about you wearing the dress? He might have no worries about it and you can make everyone happy.

You are not wrong, it is your day and you should be able to wear what you want. You can tell your mom in a very nice way that you are not comfortable wearing that dress and that you feel like the best way to respect her, your step dad and Father is to wear your own dress.

Wear what you want!

Your day, your dress!! Your mom is being selfish to put that on you.

Dad or stepdad, you shouldn’t feel obligated to wear your mom’s dress. Every bride has her time and she had hers. You should be able to look back at your wedding pictures and be proud of what you choose to wear and the decisions you made for your own wedding.




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