While Metallica fans continue their long wait for the band's next album, they finally have a chance to watch the guys play something new.

Well, not really. But that's almost what it looks like if you aren't paying close attention (and haven't ever listened to one of the band's records) while watching the fan-assembled clip embedded above. Posted by YouTube genius Golpe Baixo, the video edits Metallica performance footage to match the Pokémon theme song, and the results are just weird enough to enjoy while we're playing out the string on the rest of the work week.

The version of the song used in this clip was recorded by Redeemers, the self-described Egyptian Symphonic Rock band founded by guitarist and music composer Wael Nasr in 2001. According to the group, their songs are "stories of fantasies performed in both English and Arabic languages," which might as well lend itself to performing the theme song from a TV show about mythical creatures doing battle after being trapped in balls.

Meanwhile, the wait continues for Metallica's next studio album, which will mark their first full-length batch of new material since 2008's Death Magnetic LP. Although official word has yet to surface regarding a title, track listing, or release date, recent rumors suggest the record could be in stores as soon as October — and drummer Lars Ulrich has hinted it'll present "a bit more of a diverse" side of the band's sound.

Before it arrives, the Metallica faithful will have a chance to order Back to the Front, a new book offering an in-depth look at the group's Master of Puppets album. As recently reported, that title is now set to arrive in stores on Sept. 13.

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