Yesterday The 200 Club gave a check to Denise Naylor, widow of Sgt. Mike Naylor. We can do more, here's how!

Local residents in the Tall City teamed up to present a large gift to the widow of Sergeant Mike Naylor. The Naylor family received the $10,000 donation on Tuesday as recognition for the Sergeant's service and sacrifice. The 200 Club of Midland, Clayton and Modesta Williams and Williams Energy Incorporated sponsored the donation fund. The 200 Club of Midland says they support all law enforcement officers in the area.

The check will help, but we can do more. Go by any of the My Community Federal Credit Union branches in Midland/Odessa and donate under:

Sgt. Mike Naylor Memorial Fund: Account # 81831

Thanks to everyone who has donated up to this point. Please help Mike's family during this difficult time.

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