I heard about the possibility of this happening a few weeks ago but I didn’t think for a second there was any truth to it.  To be honest when a bunch of dudes get together and watch UFC there is always some trumped up talk afterwards about various pair up’s they’d like to see, so I normally tune them out.  However, when I heard mention of this all I could think was “HELL YEAH! I’d watch that!”.

So, being the impatient, nosey gal I am, I went digging.  I figured if it were a thing and I googled it the information would just pop right up.  I didn’t know that talk about this happening started in 2015? 

Looks like this thing is really going to happen.  According to boxing trainer Freddie Roach, Floyd Mayweather told him the fight will in fact happen. 

I’ve included a link to the article I found this in below.  Otherwise I’ll just sum it up for ya, that way you have more time for surfing the web for porn…because I care about my readers.

So the boxing trainer, Freddie Roach, tells host of “The MMA Hour”, Ariel Helwani that a few months ago Mayweather stopped in his gym and asked if McGregor had talked to him. 

When Mr. Roach told Mayweather he hadn’t heard from Mcgregor the retired boxer basically said that if he does he should take the job because they could all make a lot of money.

From what I read the boxing trainer didn’t sound like he had much confidence in the MMA fighter holding his own with Mayweather but “…he’s sellable…”, which is absolutely correct.

The man is entertaining to say the least.  Personally, I love when opponents of any sport give each other hell but especially in boxing and MMA because unlike football where “you momma so fat” jokes may or may not cause a fight that you’ll get fined for later, in Boxing and MMA when opponents talk shit the only time you get fined for a fight is if it happens at the weigh in.

Anyway, Roach goes on to say that the match up seems very likely to happen and that given the chance to train McGregor he’d be honored.  You can bet your buttered toast I’ll be getting this fight on Suddenlink On Demand when it finally does roll around.

I don’t know about you but if I were going to bet on this match up my money would be on Mayweather, simply because boxing isn’t something he’s going to have to learn the way McGregor will have to.

Who’s your pick?

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