One San Antonio family made a quick stop at their local H-E-B and experienced a very disturbing and violent encounter.


When the family pulled up to H-E-B, the wife got out of the car while the husband stayed in the car with their child. While the man and child were in the car a woman approached the vehicle and “began causing problems,” the affidavit states.

The man started his car and drove across the street to avoid further conflict. However, when he drove back into the parking lot to pick up his wife who was done shopping, the combative woman surfaced again.


Things soon turned violent and physical. As the man's wife walked towards their car she was hit in the head with a metal bar. The impact of the metal bar caused her to fall to the ground. The man, who had seen his wife get attacked, quickly ran to her to aid but was soon attacked himself.

According to reports, the suspect went to stab the man in his neck with a screwdriver as he was helping his wife. Thankfully, he moved just in time to avoid his neck getting stabbed, however, his chin was stabbed instead.


The woman causing problems was 34-year-old, Amanda Diann Cristan. She was identified as an ex-girlfriend and the husband stated: "he had not seen her in over 10 years."

When officers were issuing a warrant for Amanda's arrest they noticed she had recently been charged with assault bodily injury.

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