A guy filmed what he claims is a ghost in a Harlingen, TX hotel. Go ahead, watch the video linked below and come to your own conclusion. My conclusion? The guy is full of crap. If you want to skip to a couple of things moving head here:

  • 1:15 - Here is just talking about how he's freaked out and turned his phone on. Then the phone handset jumps off the cradle.
  • 2:25 - He then asks the 'ghost' to move something else and a towel moves off the counter.
  • 3:40 - The hanger that's next to the phone slides off the desk.

Here is why the video is garbage. When the phone and towel move, he conveniently moves out of the frame so his reflection isn't in the mirror. When the hanger moves, it follows the exact path he's backing up. So no, there is no ghost. Just a guy with a lot of time and fishing string on hand.

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