Ever wanted to ask a stripper a question? How much should you tip? Does someone clean the pole? What's the most stolen item? We have the answers here!

This....this is the part of the job that makes my parents so proud.

We've all been there, standing in the strip club looking at the strippers wondering about their life. Or better yet, are they possibly living a better life than you? Well, lucky for you KLAQ knows quite a lot of strippers and we got one of our favorites to come down to the studio to answer our burning questions.

Meet Misty, she's a veteran of the club but looks like she just graduated from college. Between the two of us, I'm the one most likely to get carded. We sat down with her to talk all about the crazy, sexy world of strip clubs. And man, did she tell-all!

Remember, this part one in this series and I'm pretty sure the last video is way over TMI- but it's so gross we have to let you hear it. Check out the first video in our series and find out- how much does Buzz Adams tip at the strip club. Because he doesn't believe in tipping at Starbucks. Or Applebee's. Maybe if you installed a pole at either, he might actually give you a dollar or two baristas out there!

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