How well do you know your bandmates? Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson fielded a number of questions for a Late Late Show short feature named "The Bandmate Game" and had quite the difficulty nailing down what each other might say.

During the introduction of the game, the announcer keyed in on a major factoid about the band's history, revealing, "Linkin Park's first album came out the same year as Baha Men's 'Who Let the Dogs Out.'" With that little nugget rattling around in your head, the guys then got down to business.

The first question centered on who Mike Shinoda would pick to play him in a biopic. Without hesitation, Chester Bennington chimed in with "James Franco," before Brad Delson said it should be someone who looked more like Shinoda, and Bennington suggested onetime tourmate Jared Leto. There was also mention of George Lopez, before Shinoda revealed Johnny Depp as his answer, eliciting a belly laugh from Bennington.

Other questions included "What animal is Chester most like?," "Which bandmate would Brad pick to bail him out, no questions asked?," "What song does Mike sing in the shower if he wants to be sensual?" and "What color are Chester's favorite underwear?," all resulting in some hilarious but wrong responses and some very specific answers from each member.

After a bit of a motivational speech from Delson in which he pushed his bandmates to finish strong, they finally hit on a correct answer when asked what piece of clothing they tease Brad for wearing. See the answer and watch the whole game play out in the video above.

The clip was shot coinciding with the band's recent Late Late Show With James Corden appearance in which they performed their current single "Heavy" with guest vocalist Kiiara. You can see footage of that here.

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