This idea for this game came about because Nico mentioned The Cannabis Cup, the Oscars of weed, which is put on by High Times Magazine.

Photo by manish panghal on Unsplash
Photo by manish panghal on Unsplash

He was telling me the names of some of the award-winning strains. Some of them were so creative and/or weird that it got me thinking. The only thing as weird as the names of Marijuana strains are race horses.

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Here’s a list of names. You decide on each one: is it a racehorse? Or is it a strain of pot?

Scroll down for the answers. No peeking!

Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash
Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash

1.)    Whoa Si Whoa

2.)    Geespot

3.)    Barak O Bubba

4.)    Tropical Slushie

5.)    Ha Ha Ha

6.)    Slap ‘N Tickle

7.)    Two in the Pink

8.)    Odor in the Court

9.)    Super Boof

10.)  ARRRRR!

 OK, scroll on down a way to see how you did…

Photo by Keith Luke on Unsplash
Photo by Keith Luke on Unsplash

1.)    Whoa Si Whoa ----Weed

“Whoa” is something you say to a horse but Whoa Si Whoa is a strain of marijuana. In fact, it won 1st prize for Indica in the 2022 So Cal Cannabis Cup!

2.)    Geespot-----------Horse!

This horse got its name because it was sired by “Pursuit of Love” and its mother’s name was “My Discovery”. Unfortunately, Geespot didn’t win many races because all the male jockeys could never find it.

3.)    Barak O Bubba-----------Weed!

It’s a sub-strain of Bubba Kush. It was first cultivated when Obama was president so it was in tribute to the 44th president.

4.)    Tropical Slushie-----------Weed!

Rule of Thumb: if it SOUNDS like something you’d eat or drink after smoking a blunt, it’s probably weed. Trop Slush is actually a high-potency hash resin.

5.)    HA HA HA! ------------Horse!

I know! You’d think HA HA HA would be a strain of weed because lots of people get the giggles after smoking. But, HA HA HA! Is, or was a racehorse. I say “was” because he only had six races and in four of those he finished in last place. Those kinds of horses don’t usually get put out to stud. Who knows, that bottle of Elmer’s that you had to buy for your kid’s school supplies might have a little HA HA HA! in it.

6.)     Slap ‘N Tickle----Weed

An Indica dominant Hybrid Strain. Reportedly, it comes on strong, like a slap, and then provides a relaxing “tickling” experience.

7.)    Two in the Pink-------Weed!
Marijuana is green, not pink. But, there are some strains that have pinkish crystals if you look at them under a microscope. You see the word “pink” come up a lot in the canna business.

8.)    Odor in the Court------Horse!

A strong smell is supposedly a sign of a very potent weed. This isn’t that kind of odor, though. This horse was sired by Judge Smells. I guess they were trying to stick to an olfactory theme.

9.)    Super Boof ------Weed!

The second-place winner in the category of Sativa flower in the 2022 SoCal Cannabis Cup.

10.)   ARRRRR------Horse

Like the sound a pirate makes. When ARRRR won his first race, the track announcer sounded like an insane pirate. Listen…

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