He is thinking he’s back. And this time it’s for a social affair! (You can assassinate many bad guys on a social affair, right? You can? Okay then. Social affair.)

Ahead of this weekend’s New York Comic-Con, where the full John Wick: Chapter 2 trailer will make its debut, Summit offers this brief peek at 2 John 2 Wick. They call it a “teaser trailer” but it’s only 17 seconds long, which is teasiest of teasers. This is more of a really long GIF than a really short trailer. I don’t care for that.

But I do like John Wick, and I am eagerly awaiting Chapter 2, because Keanu Reeves came back to shoot more evildoers in the head while wearing designer suits and not shaving, and because one of the two directors of the first film, Chad Stahelski returned with him. I don’t know the plot, but this is John Wick: Chapter 2; what do you need to know? You know he’s going to do lots of cool stuff, dress really well, and have a beard. If you need more than that to convince you to buy a ticket, you are unworthy of this film. Go back to watching Gods of Egypt, or whatever it is you do with your free time.

John Wick: Chapter 2 opens in theaters on February 10, 2017. And look for more Wick-y goodness from New York Comic-Con this weekend, including a trailer that is hopefully longer than 17 seconds.