This should be more concerning than funny, but it really is funny. However, on the concerning note, there are a few jobs that if you are caught cheating, should almost create jail time. Police officer, one of them. I'd also throw firefighter in there as well. Same goes for people change any tests for these jobs because someone complained they couldn't pass the test because it was "too hard."

Guess what? There are jobs that 100% require you to be physically fit. These two are jobs are a perfect example of that. If my house is on fire and I need someone to take care of family by hauling them out, I don't want to hear "I cant, I took the easy test."

Well, there was a cadet in Buffalo, NY weighing in at 260 pounds who was told he wasn't quite fit enough for the requirements of the physical test. So what did he do? He had someone take it for him. One problem with that. The police finger print not only at the written test, but also the physical test. So needless to say, the "cadet" got busted.

“When the person appeared for the physical agility exam, there’s a series of documents they have to fill out,”Buffalo Police Lt. Jeff Rinaldo said. “On one of the documents, the individual had put all the information for the test taker on the form, but then inadvertently wrote his first and last name at the bottom of the form.

Hahaha, so yeah, it wasn't even the finger prints that did this guy in. But on a more serious note, Rinaldo also said:

“The position of a police officer is a huge trust position for the community, and when you have somebody that, from the very beginning stages trying to defraud that trust, it’s not a good sign. And who knows what their motivation was. Was it truly because he knew he couldn’t pass the PT test, or did he have other intentions, and that’s why he was seeking the job.”