This is not a joke.

There are actual professional ninjas in Japan. Mostly, they work in theme parks and restaurants and other tourist-trap type places. However, the pay isn't great and you have to have at least some skill. Here's an honest-to-God news story about it, so you know I'm not just making this wonderful, incredible story up.

Some of the traditional ninja skills employers are looking for include acrobatics, adeptness with throwing stars and, I assume, invisibility.

It reminds me of the time I went to Japan. I was there for an entire week and I didn't see a single ninja the whole time I was there.

Veeeery impressive.

I know there are many of you thinking right now of making a career change and becoming a professional ninja. Who wouldn't, right?!? But you can't just run off to Japan and become a ninja. You first have to be initiated in the sublime arts of ninjutsu. Fortunately, I have the perfect video to begin your instruction.

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