Whether your love has washed away like the tide rolling in on the beach, or you're just single on the weekend of love--we have the remedy for you! It's a "Love Stinks" weekend on 99.9 K-BAT! At the top of every hour, 10 am-7 pm this Saturday and Sunday-we'll do triple plays of the best heartbreak and anti-love rock songs of all time. So turn up The Basin's Classic Rock this weekend, throw up the horns-and revel in your singlehood on a "Love Stinks" Weekend.

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With the infinite number of memes scattered across the internet, it's hard to keep track. Just when you've grasped the meaning of one hilarious meme, it has already become old news and replaced by something equally as enigmatic. Online forums like Tumblr, Twitter, 4chan, and Reddit are responsible for a majority of meme infections, and with the constant posting and sharing, finding the source of an original meme is easier said than done. Stacker hunted through internet resources, pop culture publications, and databases like Know Your Meme to find 50 different memes and what they mean. While the almost self-replicating nature of these vague symbols can get exhausting, memes in their essence can also bring people closer together—as long as they have internet access.

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