So I recently spoke to a friend who was visiting from another state. Her family moved here last year and she was finally able to come visit their new home state. I filled her in on the places in MIdland/Odessa that she should not leave without checking out. Not to mention the cities in Texas that are a must while she's here. But aside from all of that she had one very important question she wanted to ask?

Why does everyone here look like they are flipping the bird while they're driving? It took me a minute to realize what she was talking about? 'Flipping the...?' Oh wait! She is talking about the 'Texas hello!' (that is what I will call it for now) She had never seen anyone do it before.

After having a good laugh, I explained to her that that is just what many Texans do. Driving down the road, passing other vehicles on the road, for whatever reason, it is just something we do. lol My kid does it, my brothers do it and it is not unusual for me to be driving and be greeted by countless others in the same way.

The 'one finger' hello is the Texas way and I never really thought about it, but I can see where those not from Texas would think, did that person just tell me I'm number one? Why can't they just wave like normal? Or nod our heads to acknowledge others on the road?

The truth is we do know how to wave, we just sometimes choose not to. One finger for whatever reason, is just a thing here in Texas. Get used to it, we're just being nice!

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