I know all of you have noticed the construction on 191. You know the lane changes and the concrete barriers. But, have you noticed the speed limit signs, not only has the speed limit decreased but the driving speed has gone up.

Oil is picking up again, which means more traffic to the area, even when we come to work at 6 am. You may have noticed more accidents happening as well. In fact, I got run off the road on 191 where the lane changes because someone wasn't paying attention and caused me to blow out a tire.

Another danger I have noticed is no one drives the posted speed limit changes or even the normal speed limit of 75 mph. If you have driven on 191 lately you may have noticed people traveling at a higher rate of speed. I know that when the sign says 75 there are going to be people who drive about 80. The extra 5 mph is kind of normal. That is certainly not the case these days. You can be driving 80 and 10 cars will fly right by you like you are standing still, which means, they have to be going 90 mph or more. Do you really need to be going that fast? Are you really in that big of a hurry.

Did the speed limit change? Did I miss something? The answer is NO!  The speed limit on Hwy 191 is still 75 mph and when you are getting closer to each of the cities the speed limit goes down. If you are going into Midland the speed limit slows down where the construction begins.

Another thing, pay attention to where the construction areas are and where the lanes change.


Alexander Milanese


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