Today I had the chance to nerd out a bit during the morning show with some Harry Potter knowledge. After, I came home to mull over some things that irritated me. When you love a series, you tend to find yourself rereading it over and over again throughout the years. After reading the same books so many times, you find yourself finding holes in the plot and different scenarios within the storyline. Harry Potter is one of the most beloved book series of all time, with millions of fans all over the world. There are some plot holes I have noticed in the book series myself, but other diehard fans have brought up their own. Here are just a few of the biggest ones in the series:

Portkeys- One of the weirdest things for me in the Goblet of Fire was the first encounter with a portkey. The Weasleys and Harry have to hurry to the top of the hill to catch the old boot portkey to get to the Quidditch World Cup. Harry also mentions seeing a pile of used portkeys of ordinary looking objects and having to move so the next timed portkey can arrive in the spot. But later on in the book Cedric and Harry are transported when the Triwizard Trophy was actually a portkey that takes them to the cemetery where Tom Riddle's father was buried. Dumbledore also creates a portkey in his office in the fifth book to transport the Weasley children and Harry to Sirius Black's home, 12 Grimmauld Place. So what are the actual rules of portkeys and how do they work?

Marauder's Map- This one has irritated me since the third book! If Fred and George have had the map for years, and Pettigrew was originally Percy's rat, how did they never see him sleeping with Percy when they were younger? Also, when they were older same question but with Ron. Didn't they see Pettigrew sleeping in the dorms with Harry and Ron? How did his name never come up?

The Trace- Wizards and witches under 17 have the Trace on them, which detects any magic performed around underage magical folk, but can't detect who performed it. When Dobby smashes the pudding in the second book Harry gets blamed for it, but other situations no alarm is raised when magic is performed. Tonks gets his clothing packed for him and moves it down the stairs at Privet Drive with magic, Harry is able to light his wand without a problem and others I can't think of without rereading the series.

Secret Keepers- Harry's parents die when Peter Pettigrew sells them out to Lord Voldemort after the couple chooses him as their secret keeper, thinking their old friend would never betray them. But he does, and Voldemort is able to find their hiding location and destroy them and their home. But many wonder why the couple couldn't just choose one of themselves to become the secret keeper? For Shell Cottage, Bill Weasley is the secret keeper for the home he shares with Fleur, and for the Weasley's home the family patriarch Arthur holds the secret. So why didn't James do the same for his family?

Check out this thread at Quroa that goes even deeper into other plot holes and discrepancies from the Harry Potter book series..

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