This week on "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show," we were going over a list of the most popular books in the U.S.

We got a little sidetracked discussing our favorite books.

Someone emailed and wanted to see our list, so here it is!

Free Beer
Michael Crichton - "Sphere"
Michael Crichton - "Prey"
Dan Brown - "Angels & Demons"

Hot Wings
Dan Brown - "The Da Vinci Code"

Eric Zane
Dan Brown - "Angels and Demons"
Michael Crichton - "Prey"

Producer Joe
John Irving - "The World According to Garp"
Randy Pausch - "The Last Lecture"
Jonathan Franzen - "The Corrections"
Hermann Hesse - "Steppenwolf"
Dan Quinn - "Ishmael"

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