Iron Maiden have been traveling the world in their custom Ed Force One jumbo jet, promoting their new album, The Book of Souls, hitting over 35 countries before the tour concludes. "Death or Glory" has been one of the new songs included in the set and now a live video has been released for the punchy track.

Truly at home onstage, Maiden excel in the live environment playing to tens of thousands of fans around the globe each night of the tour. Compiling footage from shows on the tour thus far, the video opens with glimmering shots of Ed Force One, showing singer / pilot Bruce Dickinson in the cockpit as the Eddie-adorned plane takes to the skies. Time-lapsed footage shows fans piling into an arena as shots of the band getting ready to hit the stage are shown.

The audio is also taken from a live performance rather than just resting the footage atop the studio track. "Death or Glory" is a vocally demanding song, seeing Dickinson stick to his upper register throughout most of the track as he runs across the stage, leaping off monitors and twirling his mic stand. Fans can be seen doing the frontman's new signature dance, pawing at the air during the line "Climb like a monkey / out of Hell where I belong."

Taking footage not just from performances of "Death or Glory," but from various parts of the set, the video also showcases Iron Maiden's captivating stage design along with a hulking Mayan warrior version of Eddie that graces the cover of The Book of Souls. Also seen are flames shooting high during "The Number of the Beast" as a Devil fixture sits aside stage left.

The tour marks a comeback for Dickinson, who battled and defeated cancer last year. He was diagnosed after wrapping up the recording sessions for The Book of Souls and had two tumors on his tongue. The album and tour were both delayed while he recovered and, as seen in the video, the singer is in fine form. A review and photos from Maiden's Madison Square Garden show in New York City can be seen here.

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