Nearly three years ago, we reported that Slipknot's Shawn 'Clown' Crahan had signed on to direct the feature film Officer Downe. The adaptation from the graphic novel bearing the same name made its debut at the Los Angeles Film Festival last night (June 3) and a clip has now surfaced on Slipknot's Facebook page.

Officer Downe tells the story of a Los Angeles police officer who is repeatedly brought back to life by his peers after dying in the line of duty. Returning to life, Officer Downe (Kim Coats, Sons of Anarchy) wastes no time, continuing work right where he left off. In the clip above, he peruses the police station's arsenal and grabs his favorite weapons, which are imposing to say the least. A rookie officer questions how bringing Downe back to life is even possible and Police Chief Berringer (Lauren Velez, Dexter) explains what is happening, easing the nervous newbie by explaining his psychological profile described he was mentally equipped to deal with this remarkable situation.

While this is Clown's first foray into directing feature films, he has had plenty of experience in the director's chair for a number of Slipknot's music videos as well as the Voliminal: Inside the Nine DVD.

The next Officer Downe screening will once again take place at Arclight Cinemas in Culver City, Calif. on Tuesday, June 7 at 9PM. Passes are available both Film Independent members as well as the general public.

Slipknot will be embarking on a co-headlining run with Marilyn Manson on June 28 in Nashville, Tenn. The trek was originally slated to begin on June 9, but frontman Corey Taylor underwent "unplanned spinal surgery," forcing the postponement of the first dozen dates.

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