Could We See An In-N-Out Burger In New Mexico Soon?

The CEO of In-N-Out gave a rare, in-depth interview to Forbes and talked about places the fast food favorite could expand next, and New Mexico was discussed. Lynsi Snyder is the billionaire CEO of In-N-Out burger, the iconic burger chain that is a must-eat for many when they visit the west coast. For decades, the burger joints have only been located in California and a couple in Arizona but in the past 10 years we've seen In-N-Out creeping out further and further into the South. There are In-N-Outs you can find now in Texas, Nevada, Arizona, and the company is currently expanding into Colorado. In-N-Out has now covered almost every state that touches New Mexico but it seems like like they don't want the Land of Enchantment to enjoy their burgers. Will we ever see In-N-Out in New Mexico or are we doomed to fantasy about their fries forever? Turns out, New Mexico is already on their radar.

According to Snyder's interview in Forbes, seeing an In-N-Out burger in New Mexico is just over the horizon:

" Last November, In-N-Out announced it would expand to Colorado—once it finishes building a new regional headquarters and a patty-making facility there, likely by 2020. New Mexico may be next, a few years after Colorado, Snyder says, since the new supply center is nearby. Snyder still abides by the long-standing In-N-Out rule that all new restaurants fall within a day’s drive from the nearest warehouse, so meat and other ingredients stay fresh. "

Okay, it's kind of a distant horizon but hey, it's progress! When In-N-Out passed over New Mexico and headed straight to Texas it was a huge disappointment. But with this new knowledge, we have hope that we can finally grab some of their delicious animal style fries closer to home.

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