Today is National Best Friends Day guys! A day to remember how blessed you are to have that or those best friends in your life. The ones we know we can call on when we have a flat tire, have a bad day or need to get bailed out of jail. A best friend isn't the friend that comes over to eat, thanks you and leaves, thier the ones who were there to help cook, have some drinks and then helps clean up after. A best friend will watch you fall and rush to you as fast as they can so they can get a picture to post on Facebook before you get back up.


A best friend doesn't care how tall, short, thin, fat, rich or poor you are. They're the ones that offer to bring over grey tape and shovels when you're having problems with your ex, they take up for you when no one else does, they don't leave you out, they don't take your credit, they set up fake social media accounts so you can troll in anonymity and they love you for who you really are inside. I could go on and on, the point is when you have that or those best friends in your life you know how lucky you are to have them and it's nice to take a moment to tell them thank you.... For everything.


I'm lucky enough to say I have a little handful of true besties that I know I can count on for anything. But there was a time when there was only one person in my life I could truly call my best friend, his name was Zach Hill. I can never say thank you enough for everything. All the many moments I will never forget, all the laughs, all the hugs, all the trips, all the sleep overs, all the fun, all the love and even all the tears.

Thank you Zach Hill for being in my life and letting me in yours. I'll miss you forever and I'll never forget a single moment we shared.




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