I’ve been without a vehicle for over a week.  I had it towed to the dealership where I bought it on Friday afternoon.  I don’t know why I didn’t just get it to one of these fast lube places to have the battery checked before I had it taken to the dealership but now I’m glad I didn’t.   When I called on Saturday afternoon to check on “The Silver Bullet 2” ( I name all my cars), the gentleman I spoke to said that the service department was switching systems and they wouldn’t be able to find any vehicles brought in after Thursday until Tuesday of next week…which is the week we are currently in.  At first I was like “ummmmmm you can’t just go peek around the shop to make sure it’s there so I know the wrecker didn’t steal it?”, normally I would never say something like that, I can be somewhat of a push over at times but this was not one of those times.  I wanted to make sure it was there cause the guy that came to my house to tow it didn’t make me sign anything, didn’t ask for my name or number, nothing! I thought it was strange that he didn’t ask for payment up front but I figured it would be something they just added in with the total bill.   I went inside to get my debit card, came out, and before I could get to the driveway he was pulling away already.

I gave him the year, make and model and asked if could go see if it was there before I file a stolen vehicle report. It wasn’t.  He said there was a chance it was at the quick repair shop but that I should just call back on Tuesday. I called Monday and Tuesday, my car was there but no one would be able to look at it for at least five to seven business days….. Dude I have 2 jobs, I can’t be without a vehicle for any amount of days.   I didn’t say that though, I understand what it’s like to be in the service industry, to be backed up and to have to deal with switching over to a new system and angry customers that don’t understand why things aren’t going exactly the way they want them to.  I kept thinking about how tacky some people can be and I guessed these guys in the service department had been getting an ear full every day from impatient customers.  So when I called today I was quick to assure whomever I spoke to that I understand that I’m not the only person who wants to know what’s going on with their car.  In fact I told the guy I was sorry and that I felt really stupid for having it towed there instead of just taking it somewhere to get the battery checked, like I said earlier, I’m glad I didn’t.  Turns out my vehicle has three recalls on it, two of which are a pretty big deal.  There is a recall on one of the handles…big whoop….. and one on the passenger side air bags and one on the engine….  In fact, the guy I spoke with said the one on the engine is probably the culprit, which pretty much rocks my face off since I don’t have to pay for them to fix the recalls.

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