Honestly this is totally my fault considering I could've just called over to Cinergy right when I heard what I was told. I mean you know what they say in the news business, check your source and then check again four or five times. Then again perhaps the source was just really getting a kick out of how upset I was at what was being said? Meh, either way guys. I am SO SORRY for posting that mess yesterday about Cinergy in Midland shutting down for good and I can't even tell you how glad I am that what I was told was wrong! The Midland Cinergy is only temporarily closed until new movies come out.  What a relief! Cinergy is for sure one of my favorite places and my family can be found at either one (Midland or Odessa) every week, especially in the summer. Like I said in the other blog, I was not wanting to have tell my kiddo some crazy stuff like his favorite place shutting down so I'm super glad it's not. Sorry for freaking you guys, I was freaking out too. I have to admit though, I love to see that everyone else loves Cinergy just as much as I do.

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