No matter where we are, what situation we're in, what we're doing, or who we're with-music is there. Our lives have a soundtrack, whether we're paying attention, soaking it all in and enjoying it--creating memories; or letting it go over our heads... Music is always there. Whether it's from a vinyl album (which have happily started to make a comeback over the last decade), a CD, something on our phones, or on the radio... It's always there. And certain songs can take us straight back to a particular time in our lives. Good memories, bad memories--they evoke an emotional response when we hear them. So--here are some of the songs that do that for ME. Tell me what yours are in the comments below. Doesn't matter what genre, it doesn't matter what year it came out or who the artist is... These are songs that make you emotional when you hear them.

In no particular order:


Anyone who's ever been in love before (which is pretty much everyone) can relate to this song... It's a story of overcoming obstacles in the way, in this instance parents... To go on to live an epic love story which truly ends 'til death do us part'. You just don't find love like that in wide existence now, as you did back in our Grandparent's day. Sticking together thru good times and bad--it's easier to cut and run when things get tough. So many sweet stories of dedication and loyalty from back in the day. But it also touches me because my grandparents have all passed away, and the note Grandma leaves Grandpa--and that he kept it for all those years--I can barely speak thru this one as it reduced me to a pile of blubber..... Such a sweet song.


This August 27th my wife and I will be married for 6 years. I can't imagine my life without her. She knows me inside out, backward and forward, and is my number one cheerleader and support system. I truly wish I could have met her much sooner so I could love her for much longer. This song embodies the way I feel about her-if it had to be put into words...


Not all emotions need to be sappy... This one evokes memories of being a kid and getting my very first album on vinyl. I had the 8-Track of this album, and my Aunt Linda had the vinyl--and she wanted the 8-track because she had an 8-track player in her car... So we traded. I won.


Is there another genre of music on earth that can put you in as good a mood as Freestyle does? I think not. And THIS is one of my all-time favs. Makes me wanna get up and dance-so it's a good thing you're there and I'm here so you can't see me.


Being a teenager in the mid '80s--falling in love for the first time, and experiencing a breakup for the first time... There's nothing more intense. At that age, you really have no idea what love REALLY is, even though you THINK you do. We had fantastic songs on the radio back then to help us get thru those gut-wrenching emotional times-when people played real instruments and actually SANG, instead of all the auto-tune crap out today. Go ahead--click play and have a good cry. I did, back in 1985.


Staying with the breakup theme for a sec, Restless Heart is one of THEE all-time most underrated bands on this planet. Fantastic writing, amazing vocals (Larry Stewart is DA MAN!), and incredible harmonies... A group of guys who were studio musicians and backup singers put together to form one of my all-time favorite Country bands. If you're not familiar with them, check them out.

And last, but not least:


This one takes me back to 1987 when I was 18 working at a Department Store called MainStreet (which would eventually become KOHL'S). I was the credit card department manager, taking care of all the tables at the store entrances where my staff was seated trying to recruit people to get a store credit card. I used to walk around singing this song-so much so that the staff I keep in touch with to this very day STILL reminds me of it. I never had the moves like Michael did, nor the voice-but I sure had fun back then. Good times!

Tell us what YOURS are below--happy, sad, reflective, let's relive some memories together!

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