I had actual goosebumps this past Sunday when the Loot Train Attack scene started. You hear the horses first, then Drogon shows up, flying over the hill?!! I also caught myself talking to myself frequently throughout the scene. Here are some examples:

  • Under my breath "Sweet..."
  • "Yessssss"
  • "That... was... AWESOME!"
  • "Bronn's totally gonna die"
  • "Bronn's gonna get it."
  • "Who had Bronn in the deadpool?"
  • "Oh crap! Who had Jaime Lannister?!"
  • "What the F***?! It's only 7:50! There's still ten minutes left!"

Seriously, this was the greatest scene in Game of Thrones history. So that makes it okay for them to short us a full 10 minutes? Well, I've thought long and hard about this one, and if getting the greatest scene in the show's history means they wrap up 10 minutes earlier than usual, I'll take it. This scene was beyond amazing.

And if you wanted more of the scene, here is an inside look courtesy of Game of Thrones.


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