Ok, I normally don’t do this mainly because it just doesn’t happen this way very often, but I have to give props to the new Stripes that went up in front of the station.  Granted, the construction was a huge cluster f*ck for me and a considerable inconvenience but all things considered they got that store up pretty fast and the food from the place inside (the name eludes me at the moment) is so stupid good guys!


Chris and I (Chris Brizzown from B93 who just so happens to be my dewd) picked up some Carne Burritos with quac, beans and sour cream from there today and DAYUM!!! So good, I mean easily the best burrito I’ve ever had a gas station….ok that didn’t sound right but just know that these things are legit.  We watched the tortillas that were used to make our burritos be made from dough to done right in front of us.  Fresh AF guys.


The system they use when paying out seems very flawed to us but hey…that’s none of our business…insert Kermit the Frog meme here….funny story, when I first began my career in radio one of my first live broadcasts was from Kermit TX when Kermit the Frog visited the town as he began his globe-hopping tour to celebrate his 50th year in showbiz back in October 2005. That’s right kiddo’s, Tawny’s been in radio for about 13 or 14 years….seems like just yesterday I was stumbling over my words and creating awkward silence…on accident though, I do it on purpose now.


What as I talking about? Oh yeah! Burritos! They know what they’re doing over at the new Stripes in front of KBAT, at least they do now, I mean every place that opens is good in the beginning right?  We will give it a month or so and check back in with you guys but for now I highly recommend the Carne burrito with beans, quac and sour cream…can’t go wrong, and don’t forget the green sauce!



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