With the latest passing of George Michael, I will say that 2016 has been rough on the entertainment industry and of course all of us who had these bands as a backdrop for our lives.

I know some will argue that the artists are getting older and it's a natural thing but my argument to that is with the exception of Lemmy of Motorhead, the majority of the artists who passed where very young relatively speaking.

I don't think that the mid to late fifties signifies being old.

I think what makes the sting of the artists lost in 2016 was the significance of the artist and the contribution they made to their particular genre of music.

To hard rock to pop we lost some of the biggest icons, these weren't artists who no one had ever heard of these were superstars.

I choose not to list every artist and entertainer that we lost in 2016 there will be plenty of other outlets doing that and if they were your favorite you already know, all I can say is that I am glad we had all of those artists and are left with their unique contributions to music that have shaped every new artist today.

Let's just put 2016 in the past and look forward to 2017 and hope for a new set of superstars to shape our world