Well, kinda...maybe...

Back to the Future

I'm going to try and relay what I read in an article on Livescience.com as un-scattered as possible but let's be honest, we all know this is going to get weird.  Ok, so I'm reading through all the many various headlines I comb through on a daily basis and as I'm neck deep in a search for "recent scientific breakthrough" I happen upon a phrase that makes a sound come out of my
mouth very similar to the sound that minions make. If you're not familiar with what a minion is go ahead and take a moment to pull up YouTube and type in the search "whaaaa minion sound", then you'll know what sound I made and you won't have to watch the movies, although I highly recommend them, they're all really cute. Now that you have that sound in your head when I tell you what I read you're going to be making the same sound.

Here is what I read in the article; "As a massive star collapses into a black hole, it send out a brilliant SOS signal in the form of ultra-bright gamma-ray bursts. Now, Scientists have found something very peculiar about those mysterious signals: They seem to reverse time."

Here is what I heard in my head; Time travel coming soon, get your puffy vest ready folks!
Just for good measure I read a little further and here is what I found. The new study that was published August 13th in The Astrophysical Journal, found that these gamma-ray bursts are time-reversed, meaning that brilliant light wave they were talking about earlier is spit out one way and then sent out again the opposite order.
The article on livescience.com is way too long for me to try and break down and re-explain, not that I really could anyway because I couldn't, I'm not so good with the science.  However, I did read all
of it and it's pretty trippy.  The gist of the whole thing is that there are some that that don't think time reversal is the best explanation for the gamma-ray burst signals and there are some that have already started to re-watch all the 'Back to the Futures', just in case. You can read the full article here.

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