(This isn't a picture of Lori's, I asked to use a picture a guy posted the other day and since I have not heard back from him I figured I'd just use a pic of something torn down lol!)

Lori's Café here in Midland has been in a new stage of demolition every day this week and today friends, is the end of the line. Although there will be plenty of clean up yet to be done, the structure itself is completely down now.  I can't say that Lori's was just the best place I've ever eaten at but it was one of the remaining spots in Midland for Breakfast that wasn't at a bar and called brunch on the weekends. Businesses come and go all the time in this area but some things are better left alone.  I was disappointed to hear that the reason Lori's shut down was because the people who owned the building and land were raising the lease amount and Lori's couldn't, or wouldn't, pay the increase.  Is that even true? Either way it's a sad day to see Midland lose another lone time business.  In happier news, just across the road and down a bit, Dennis the Menace Park is looking AWESOME! I can't wait to take the littles!

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