These are just the calls I received that I wasn't able to catch in time to hit the block option on. Don't worry I have gone back and done that but seriously? Am I the only one that gets over a dozen calls a day from their kinds of numbers? I'm not exaggerating either people...some days it's at least 7 and up to a dozen.

I try to hit that block button and report every single one of them but it doesn't seem to make any difference. The next day I still get the same amount of calls. A few times I tried to have some fun with the caller, when it wasn't just a wierd recording or dead air, but even that got redundant. Now I just want them to stop!

Does anyone know how to make these calls stop or are we all just doomed to answering calls from people who speak broken English telling us that the police have a warrant for us unless we give them our social security and first born child?!

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