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I know I can’t be the only one getting bombarded with these calls right? In the last week I’ve answered at least five or six calls that started just like this and I’m over it guys.  It would be different if these were calls made by real people on the other end that I could torture and toy with for my own devious amusement but they aren’t, they’re no fun at all.  Plus my sons phone has been getting a ton of these types of calls as well. Do these companies that do this kind of crap have a certain time of the year for different areas for when they roll out their “Let’s annoy the shit out of people” marketing campaign? Either way I’m not about that life nor is my eight year old so I figured I’d see what I could do. Turns out there are plenty of spam call blocking or robocall blocking apps out there available for both android and iOS some free (most if you’re an android user) and some that cost. I looked at both the free and the purchase apps available and here is what I found. Now keep in mind I am in no way promoting any of these apps in particular or trying to not promote any in specific by not including them in this list, I’m just sharing what I found by looking at the apps with high ratings and that seem to be favorable among the masses. Don’t forget to let me know what worked for you.

(In no particular order)


The links will take you to a page that helps to describe what the app does and most of them have their ratings and reviews posted as well.

Me personally I’m loving the one that basically lets you talk shit to spammers, kindof get some revenge ya know?

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