Love or hate Donald Trump, these shows can all be thankful for Trump being the President of the United States. Why? Well, all of their ratings are up since Donald Trump has taken office.

  1. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - Colbert's ratings were shockingly low after he took over the show from David Letterman, with Jimmy Fallon consistently being the number one late night choice. But Trump has taken office, Colbert's ratings have taken him to the top of the late night ratings.
  2. The Rachel Maddow Show - Last month Maddow got her largest ratings ever with 2.3 million viewers each night, doubling her nightly viewership in the month of February.
  3. Saturday Night Live - It's on track to have it's highest ratings with people under 50 in over a decade. Plus they're set to have an overall audience of over 11 million people per episode, which is its highest ratings in 23 years.
  4. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Ratings absolutely plummeted after Jon Stewart left the daily show, but thanks to Donald Trump, Trevor Noah is finally starting to see some decent ratings.
  5. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee - During the past six weeks her audience among people under 50 has surged 92% and TBS says it's averaging 3.4 million viewers per week overall.

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