How did a 38 year old bus driver who weighed 390 lbs. end up playing college basketball?

Well, it helps that Dan Stoddard is 6'8" and has some pretty well-honed basketball skills. The coach at Algonquin College of the Canadian College Athletic Association saw him playing in a high school alumni and casually mentioned that he could probably make the team.

So Dan did. He's now going to Algonquin and he's a starter on the basketball team. He's got a daughter who is college age herself (she manages his Instagram account, OldManDan24) and he's still driving the bus 40 hours a week. Sure, he's got a full scholarship but that doesn't help when it comes to supporting a family of four.

Here's a local Ottawa news story about Old Man Dan, followed by a video that has some of his on-court highlights.

And here's video of one of Dan's games. It looks like he maybe doesn't have the same vertical leap he might have twenty years ago. But that almost-400 lbs. makes for a wicked screen.

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