Emergencies Don't Wait. Neither Should You.

Traditional emergency rooms have long wait times, limited parking, and uncomfortable waiting areas. We pride ourselves on providing top-quality emergency care, quickly. Our emergency room wait time at Fast ER Care is less than 10 minutes, allowing for faster care when you need it most. This seamless process starts with your check-in and registration where you’ll be quickly registered and evaluated. Once in the ER, you’ll be seen by an emergency care nurse and a physician at the same time, so you only have to explain your symptoms once.
Your emergency care team at Fast ER Care will then order additional tests or prescribe a treatment plan to get you back home or directly admitted to the hospital as soon as possible.
In an ideal world, when you are sick or injured, you can go to your primary care doctor for treatment. However, that is not always possible. You may need more immediate care, or your problem might be more severe and require X-Rays or other diagnostic tests. Sometimes, you may need help when your doctor's office is closed. In those cases, it's time to head to an urgent care center or Fast ER Care.
When a medical emergency strikes, you need the highest quality of care fast. In a moment of crisis, it may be hard to decide when to go to the ER versus an urgent care clinic. Understanding the difference between the two and what services they provide can make all the difference during a medical emergency.