Families that do not make 6 figures in total family income will be offered free tuition and fees for their graduating students.

According to the Texas Tribune, UT Rio Grande Valley will offer the largest free tuition program of any four-year university in the nation with their free tuition for families making under $100,000.

The offer will begin for the Fall 2022 semester and UTRGV will be the only school to offer a full four years of free tuition and fees anywhere in the country.

There are a few other four-year universities that offer a free tuition program for families making below $100,000, but none of them offer it for the full four years.

The requirements for the offer are that the student must be a resident of Texas and enrolled in at least 15 credit hours plus they must maintain a required grade average to continue getting the grant.

“The $100,000 [threshold] is more of us taking a step back and thinking, ‘What else can we possibly do?’” said Maggie Hinojosa, UTRGV Senior Vice President for Strategic Enrollment and Student Affairs. “This is a reaction to always wanting to try to keep our costs low, but also be able to tap into students who wouldn’t otherwise qualify for other types of financial aid.”

Harrison Keller, Texas Higher Education Commissioner stated that UTRGV is able to increase its threshold because they have a large number of students that qualify for need-based federal Pell Grants.

So for your senior in high school that is graduating this year, and your family income is below $100,000, you might want to look into sending them to UTRGV next fall.

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