Isn't it cool to watch a movie and find out that it was filmed in your hometown?  Or, how about watching a film, then seeing places you recognize on the big screen. We work, play, and live here in the Permian Basin. And, it's awesome to see it showcased in movies.

The following results happened when I searched for films filmed in Midland or Odessa. I went to IMDb's website because these guys are all about moves and films and here are their results. Did You Know These Movies Were Filmed In Midland And Odessa? I knew about some of these results but was surprised by others.

These movies are listed by 'Popularity' according to the website for IMDb. 

Movies Filmed In Midland and Odessa

These are the Top 5 movies that were filmed in Midland and the Top 5 movies filmed in Odessa, Texas. As per IMDb.
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