Ever wanted to name a color? I know I have. I'm an avid adult coloring book fan so I order colored pencils all the time. You wouldn't believe some of the wierd color names I see. I've always thought it was cool that there is actually a color named after me. In case you didn't know that color 'Tawny' is a brownish orange and not at all my personality. When I saw this website I figured I'd give it a try and see if I can at least get a chance to name a color that's more me. Right now you can go to ColorNames.org and help name around 16.9 billion colors. You can also vote on the submitted names of colors. As long as the color is descriptive and non-offensive you can submit any name you want. If Bob Ross where here he would already have them all named and those names would be GLORIOUS! What color and name will you submit?

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