When I was growing up it was kind of a crap shoot when it came to Trick or Treating. It could be nice, or it could be wet and rainy. But obviously as a kid, it's still worth it. Recently Smart Asset rated cities in the US in regards to quality of Trick or Treating. There study was done with the following guidelines:

"Our analysis is based on several assumptions. We assumed that living in an area with a large population of children would be most beneficial to trick-or-treaters (since residents should be more inclined to hand out candy). So we looked at the percentage of kids under age 15 in each city and the number of single-family homes per square mile (more homes means there’s a greater chance to grab more treats).

We also assumed that 60 degrees Fahrenheit was the ideal temperature for trick-or-treating. So we pulled the average maximum temperature for each city on Halloween and compared it to the “perfect” temperature. You can read more about our methodology below."

Coming in at number 8 on the list, El Paso, TX. The average high temperature in El Paso is almost 70 degrees. I have a feeling this year might be a bit warmer than 70, unless the weather changes drastically from what it's been.

Either way, just make sure you choose your costume appropriately. Last year, I remember being in the parade and sweating so much the make up kept running in my eyes. Couldn't see a damn thing, so I was hurling candy blindly into the crowd.