When looking for a place to live for the most bang for you buck, it looks like El Paso is the best place to be!

A new report from GoBankingRates looked to see where people could live comfortably in the United States with a salary of under $50,000. To find this out, they used the 50-30-20 rule. The rule means 50% of your budget goes to necessities, 30% goes to discretionary items and 20% goes to your savings. The website looked at 270 cities to see the 31 best cities for people making less than $50,000.

The results? Looks like Texas has four cities on the list! Texans even claimed the top spot in El Paso. Other cities that made the list included at #23 San Antonio, #15 Tyler, #3 Lubbock and at #1 El Paso. Even Albuquerque, New Mexico made the list at #4. Residents of El Paso are said to live comfortably at only $40,834.

Find out what other cities made the list by visiting the GoBankingRates website.

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