Forget being OGT back in ’92 from the first EP, there are a handful of fans who got into Tool before the release of Opiate. The oldest known live footage of Tool has just been released online, filmed in Hollywood way back in October 1991.

On Oct. 7, 1991, Tool opened for a band called Too Free Stooges at Hollywood’s Club With No Name. In the early ‘90s, the venue actually saw some incredible acts such as Rage Against the Machine, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Mother Love Bone grace its stage.

Was Maynard James Keenan a mullet-mohawked onstage lunatic back then? He certainly was. In Tool’s 1991 performance of “Hush,” The vocalist brings the uncomfortable level to 11 with his Hunchback of Notre Dame stage presence. Keenan’s also as animated as you’ll ever see him, spinning around in circles near the end of “Hush.”

A performance of “Sober” was also released by Oliphantman Philms. We get some great close-up shots of Maynard in this one as he stares a hole through the small California crowd.

As for Tool’s long-awaited fifth studio album, there’s still no word on when it will be released. However, Tool’s webmaster writes that the instrumental section of the band is grinding away four days a week to perfect new material.

Tool, "Sober" (Live in 1991)

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