First and foremost, before I post this, I'm going to let you know, I found three places this story was posted, but not a single one had a link to the actual study that shows the numbers. Here are links to the stories.


The Daily Mail

Gears of Biz

So there you go. Three different "sources" that don't have a source for where they got the information on this study. But anyway, here are the numbers they have.

  • Men spend about a year of their life in the bathroom
  • 52 days of that is shaving
  • 97 days of that are showering
  • And 112 of those days are sitting on the toilet
  • Oh, and 9% of men admit to spending time posing in front of the mirror

Now am I saying this study doesn't exist because I can't find it? Sort of. But take a look at the numbers and take it however you'd like.