First and foremost, before I post this, I'm going to let you know, I found three places this story was posted, but not a single one had a link to the actual study that shows the numbers. Here are links to the stories.

So there you go. Three different "sources" that don't have a source for where they got the information on this study. But anyway, here are the numbers they have.

  • Men spend about a year of their life in the bathroom
  • 52 days of that is shaving
  • 97 days of that are showering
  • And 112 of those days are sitting on the toilet
  • Oh, and 9% of men admit to spending time posing in front of the mirror

Now am I saying this study doesn't exist because I can't find it? Sort of. But take a look at the numbers and take it however you'd like.

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