There actually is a Monopoly game out there that features properties that are located in Midland/Odessa.

This Monopoly-style game was created sometime in the past 10 years because it features the Wagner Noel PAC as one of the properties.

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Other properties featured on the board include everything from nature like the Odessa Meteor Crater and the Sibley Nature Center to parks like Beal Park and Stonehenge Replica to restaurants like Rosa's Cafe and The Garlic Press to Midland and Odessa College. Here is a picture of the game board:

Chaser Images
Chaser Images

The game includes money to purchase the properties and Community Chest and Chance type cards called Big Fun and Contingency.

The places where the railroads would be on the regular Monopoly game have all four sports that are played in the area: Football, Golf, Soccer, and Rodeo.

The board pieces are different too and include High Five, Big Smile, Heart, The Dog, Pretzel, and Gym Shoe.

You still get property tax in a couple of places, Free Parking just has an "I [heart] Midland & Odessa, and the utilities are Events such as Permian Basin Fair & Exposition, and Tall City Blues Fest.

The company that makes it is out of Cincinnati, Ohio, and can be contacted at their website

It would be a great gift for someone's birthday or even to save till Christmas at the end of this year.

It is a fun game to play especially since you can relate to all of the properties, sports, and festivals because you live among them.


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