Recently some pictures were shared that could spark up El Chupacabra rumors in El Paso.

Some of us remember the tales of the chupacabras and even the times when they made shirts.

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Some pictures from a local ranch in Chaparral had shared on Facebook will stun some of you.

This kind of sight isn't easy to see especially if you hate to think about hurt animals.

The ranch owner's dog Max surprised his owner in an unpleasant way.

It seems like Max definitely means no harm and sure his surprise came from the heart.

The owner of Krazy Aarow Ranchette came across Max's gift, which seems like he found it somewhere around the ranch.

Max had brought back what looks to be the jaw of some sort of animal. Now from the shape of the jawline, many are speculating what animal this could be.

The owner debunked the claims of those who thought this jaw was from a horse.

Now even Krazy Arrow Ranchette also stated they weren't for sure but had an idea about the animal.

It isn't one of Krazy Arrow Ranchette's animals since they're all accounted for.

It is sad to know that something like that happened nearby Krazy Arrow Ranchette. If this was shared many years ago, I am sure tons of people would blame the chupacabras.

But hopefully whatever happened to that animal won't happen again. If Max's intention was to blow his owner's mind he certainly passed with flying colors.

I would not be surprised if people started up El Chupacabra rumors in the borderland. Photos like the ones above will definitely get El Paso people talking and reminiscing about old tales.

Hopefully, they don't encounter any more disturbing surprises from Max.

All I can say is I hope Max was rewarded with a tasty treat for his discovery.

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