Many of the movies that were slated to premiere in 2020 have been delayed.  Superhero movies, pretty much all of them, have been pushed back to way later this year, 2021 or further than that, including Black Widow, Wonder Woman 1984, and Venom 2.  Unfortunately Deadpool was having issues even before the pandemic started so things are looking particularly difficult for our favorite anti-hero in the future.  Aside from plenty of it's own specific reasons for delays, which I won't go into but if you really wanna know you can read about all of them here on the Showbiz Cheatsheet, some people were wondering about the tiny, little, silly, detail in Deadpool 2 that some may have overlooked. I mean considering Deadpool is part of the MCU and all there's questions about the while time travel thing that goes on in the second movie and how that fits in the bigger story. Personally it hurts my head to think about but you're more than welcome to fill me in if you know what I'm talking about.

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