Love is a battlefield and there are some terms you need to know for this war. Check out the up and coming terms and the ones you should already be familiar with. Dating can be difficult with people having so much technology right at their fingertips. People are able to meet in person but find it more convenient to try their luck at love through online means. With all the new ways to meet, young daters are finding new dating terms to describe the dating game. Here are some that are still popular from 2018, and new terms that you'll be seeing more of in 2019.

Kittenfishing- Like Catfishing, but not as drastic. Kittenfishing uses steps to make a person like slightly better. A person will shave a few years off themselves, use a picture that is a little older, or alter their height or weight on an app.

Ex. I kittenfished him by using a picture of me from last summer when I lost that weight.

Zombie-ing- Similar to ghosting, but the dater then reappears in your life and acts as nothing happened after a period of time. Usually starts with liking your pictures or posts on social media before they slide back into your DMs or a text.

Ex. This dude zombie'd back in and he's been texting me again.

Benching- A bench-warmer, someone who is kept on the sides just in case it doesn't work out with the person you're already dating.

Ex. I'm benching Mark until I figure out where things are going with this new guy.

Slow Fade- When you decide you don't want to continue dating someone, and slowly start talking less or becoming less available to the person you are with.

Ex. I'm going to slow fade from Marissa so she won't get hurt.

Breadcrumbing- Giving a person just enough attention so they will keep their interest in you, but you don't have to fully invest in a relationship.

Ex. I think he's breadcrumbing me, by only texting me about hanging out but we still haven't.

Cushioning- When you're in a relationship with someone, but still chat and flirt with other people on the side. This gives you a "cushion" of other options in case things don't work out with your current partner.

Ex. Yeah, I'm dating Emily but I'm still cushioning myself with Sarah and Ashley.

Big Dick Energy- A guy who has all the swagger and charisma, full of confidence because they know they're packing in their pants. Basically, confidence that comes from someone with a large member. Whether they actually have one or not isn't known, but the way they carry themselves makes you think they must.

Ex. That guy in my Math class has some serious BDE with the way he talks.

Grande-ing- Inspired by Ariana Grande and her song "Thank U, Next" when a person is grateful for their past lovers and the things they taught them through the relationship.

Ex. I'm not even mad at Jon, I'm Grande-ing myself to new heights.

Instagrandstanding- When you post photos and videos to your page and story tailored to appeal to a specific person.

Ex. Yeah I know I hate football I'm just Instagrandstanding Mike with that jersey picture.

Scroogin- When you break up with someone before a holiday so you don't have to buy them a present.

Ex. I'm scroogin Jennifer before Valentine's Day.

Banksying- When you're going to break-up with someone and decide to plan an elaborate act far in advance. The breakup is calculated and perfectly timed out, rather than on a whim.

Ex. That relationship was torture so I'm banksying her when we break up.

Throning- Similar to a trophy significant other, when a person dates another specifically to elevate their own social status, wealth or reputation.

Ex. No, Eddie isn't in love with her, he's throning this to get into her parent's country club.

 Cohabi-dating- When two people are newly dating but move in together, typically a young couple for financial reasons. Two epople would rather save money and live together than wait longer to see if the relationship works.

Ex. Yeah, I know we met a month ago, but it makes more sense financially for us to cohabi-date.

You-turning- You know that couple who are crazy in love one day, but then changing their status to "Single" two weeks later? We call that You-turning. Someone who goes from one extreme relationship to the next in the blink of an eye.

Ex. She liked him, but then You-turned when she found out he had a dog.

Vulturing- When you know a relationship is about to explode, and you can finally have a chance to be the shoulder to cry on for your longtime crush, your guilty of vulturing. It's when people are circling around a dying relationship, waiting to swoop in and be next.

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