The talk on social media has been on the government shut down. Most people are set to point fingers at who's to blame and if they will get their tax returns. That was where my head was at too...until my boss accidentally told me yesterday that this also included the FCC. For those who don't know, the FCC is the entity that keeps me from dropping F Bombs on the air like Hiroshima. As soon as it left his mouth he pointed at me and said, "HELL NO!" As if he already saw the wheels in my head begin turning.

Now, the only question in my mind is, would I get fired or just take a stern ass chewing if I did it? I can take an ass chewing with the best of them so that is in no way a thing I'm worried about. As you can imagine, I already get one of those pretty much weekly for the things I say on the air. The FCC's $10,000 fine on the other hand...but that's not a thing that can happen during a government shutdown.

TO F, OR NOT TO F? That is the question.


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