Before I start I want to say that, yes, there are individuals out there who love there job and will provide great customer service but as a whole we have know gotten used to having bad customer service experiences.

Bad customer service is the new normal, it's what we expect to happen, we are actually surprised when we get good service.

Whether we are in a fast food establishment or we are shopping at retail we as consumers know that our food is generally always going to be wrong and if we ask for assistance we are going to get that look of; "that's not my job".

Oh sure I know what you're going to say, "we'll it's just a minimum wage job", to me that's a poor excuse, I only made $3.25 cent an hour when I worked as a teenager and I still believed in customer service!

I know that not every customer is right and yes some are even down right rude but this is your job, is it really that hard to not put pickles on a hamburger or find out where the light bulbs are in the store when asked?