California punk veterans Guttermouth are streaming their brand new EP, Got it Made. The EP is Guttermouth’s first collection of new material in a decade!

Guttermouth fans probably never expected another record from the longtime punkers. With a ton of lineup changes and no new songs from a band that had never gone more than two years without releasing material, Guttermouth seemed to be fading away or becoming a legacy act.

The 12-minute barrage of punk is a throwback to the early days of Guttermouth and with the band’s most celebrated works coming in the ‘90s, longtime fans will likely latch on to Got It Made right away. The new cut “Freckles the Pony” even draws a sharp connection to the 1997 favorite “Lucky the Donkey” from Guttermouth's Musical Monkey album.

Got It Made is straight forward in the best way, flaunting the sonic dynamics of albums like Friendly People and less of the mixed bag of comedic experiments that was Gusto.

"After releasing 9 studio albums over the years, it’s sometimes hard to find new ideas and motivation, and life often gets in the way of creativity," Guttermouth describe. "A few of us had worked on some ideas in the years and talk started again on possibly releasing new songs, however, with the heavy touring schedule of the band, this proved very difficult. In the last 2 years something changed. While touring Australia in 2015, there was an opportunity to stay at a studio for a week in between legs of the tour. While staying at the studio, we were able to complete some of the ideas and record them as demos. Once back in the States we tweaked some of the songs once again. By then, we felt they were ready to be recorded properly. With no pressure of deadlines, we felt we were finally able to write songs we wanted to put out."

Check out the full stream of Guttermouth’s Got It Made EP above! To grab a copy of the EP, click here.

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