Power tools and vegetables just don't mix.

This woman in China decided to eat corn on the cob with a drill for reasons, well, for reasons that remain as big of a mystery as why people still own landline phones.

It's a bad idea made all the worse because the drill somehow wraps its way around the woman's hair, pulling a good chunk of it off her head to create a look we'll call "The Larry David." It's like corn on the cob meets hair off the head.

To be fair, someone else is holding the drill, but still, it's pretty ridiculous this happened. Maybe some good can come of this, though. If you've thought of chowing down on Brussels sprouts with a belt sander, cauliflower with a nail gun or turnips with a chainsaw, let this be a reminder that it may not be so smart.

We've got forks and hands, which should be more than enough when it comes to eating. Leave the tools for home improvement projects, okay?

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